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Six-pack abs!
Six-pack abs!
Six-pack abs! Reason 1 Head off heart disease! When researchers at the University of Alabama-Birmingham studied 7 different measurements of cardiovascular disease, they found the number one risk was the amount of excess visceral (belly) fat you carry. The New Abs Diet directly targets and clears out this fat, dramatically reducing the worst threat to your future health!

Reason 2

Your six-pack can save your life! Yes, those ridges of rock-hard muscle you'll gain with The New Abs Diet are just as important as taking off the pounds of fat that covered them! A 13-year Canadian study of more than 8,000 people found this amazing fact:

People with the strongest abdominal muscles have an early death rate less than half as high as those with the weakest midsections! How strong will your abs be a few weeks from now? As one New Abs Diet participant told us, "I could probably crunch walnuts with my abs!"

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Reason 3 Skip some serious misery by building a stone wall of protection against diabetes! By losing your gut on The New Abs Diet, you'll free yourself from the major direct cause of diabetes, the epidemic disease threatening more and more millions of people every year.

Reason 4 Enjoy a better sex life! Less visceral fat means better blood circulation where it counts. Result: better erections and more stamina! XXX-tra Bonus: Losing belly fat makes your manhood visibly longer!

Reason 5 Look sexier, too! In a survey, women rated abs as the sexiest body part!

Reason 6 Bullet-proof your body against all manner of injuries. That's what a U.S. Army study found when they compared soldiers with the strongest abs to those with the weakest.

Reason 7 Be a winner! Research has found that the guys who reach second base on a hit that others only reach first on, and guys who make dramatic interceptions, are the guys with the strongest core strength — the abs!

Reason 8 No more back pain! Weak abs are a major cause of acute and chronic "back-stabbing" — caused by shifting too much work to the glutes and hamstrings! Extra strength in your abs means less extra-strength aspirin tablets!

Reason 9 Sleep like a baby — not some kind of monster who snores, snorts, gasps, and drives his bed partner crazy. Besides eliminating this sleep apnea disorder — caused by excess belly fat — you'll also reduce or entirely eliminate other sleep destroyers like acid reflux and even asthma attacks!

Reason 10 And, yes, get that six-pack! With all the important things you're doing for your health, you deserve the self-esteem of looking great!
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